Views of Stephanie the Doula from a Dad

I asked several of the dads that I have worked with to give me some feedback and/or thoughts about a dad working with a doula.

Background for these thoughts: I had the privilege of working with this family for their first and second child.  The births were both amazing and amazingly different. The mom was one of the most coachable mama’s I have worked with and the dad was an amazing labor support to his wife. It was an honor to work with them. TWICE!

H is for husband and W is for wife.

Q:  How was your relationship with Stephanie during the pregnancy and delivery?

A:  Fantastic!  I suppose it would depend on the doula, though.  My experience with Stephanie was outstanding–she was just the right combination of proactive and involved and confident…without being bossy, overbearing and arrogant.  Just fantastic.  She knew when to engage and when to sit back.  She took direction but wasn’t a doormat–she would dialogue about and offer opinions and ideas but didn’t try to run the whole show.  She made me feel confident she knew what she was doing, and that is important to me.  She was very responsive to W’s needs emotionally, physically, psychologically.  And yet she also had me in mind–how to help me to help W better.  That was perhaps the biggest impact for me–Stephanie’s involvement allowed me to catch my breath a bit so I could stay fully engaged with W emotionally through the birth, and W tells me there is nothing more helpful than my continued emotional engagement.  Stephanie was a true partner with W and I through the entire birthing process.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts H!


About Birth Day Presence: Metro Detroit Birth Doula

One of the callings in my life is to serve moms and dads as they move through the birth process. I've been privileged to serve in this capacity since 2004 and have attended over 35 births so far. I love my job. It indeed is a labor of love.
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